Liberation Month

Liberation Day

It’s a day when thousands of believers march through the streets of Port of Spain lifting up praises and declaring the name of Christ! YFC’s Annual National Liberation Day is a signature event on our calendar, and each year attracts a mammoth crowd that includes both the young and old, from all walks of life. Liberation Day usually kick starts with a street parade featuring large music trucks, which boom gospel music and proclaims Jesus as Lord through the city. It culminates with a rally at the Queens Park Savannah where more ministry follows. There is always a powerful sermon delivered by a servant of God and a number of our A-list gospel ministers are allowed the opportunity to minister in song. Many souls have been won for Christ at this event and many believers have rededicated their lives to Jesus at our Liberation Day event, which gets bigger and better every year.

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Talent Search for Christ

There is an abundance of talent in the Body of Christ, and we believe that we have a responsibility to identify those talents as well as to nurture and cultivate the gifts of our talented young people. This is one of the main reasons why YFC took the initiative, in the year 2013, to launch the “Talent Search” programme (since renamed Talent Search for Christ). Two age groups were targeted; the 9-13 and the 14-25 and in each of the age groups there were five categories; monologue, vocals, dance, spoken word and short sermon. The competition was staged both in Trinidad and Tobago. As expected the young people displayed awesome talent in each of the categories and we were truly blessed. The winners were featured at our National Liberation Day event and at several other YFC events during the course of that year. We look forward to hosting future talent search segments and to nurturing the gifts of our young people.

Dance As David Danced

There is usually an explosion of colourful costumes and a display of powerful dance ministry at this event which precedes National Liberation day. This ministry is in its 11th year and has been a tremendous success to date. Truly young and upcoming dancers take the opportunity to develop their skills and to carry their dance ministry to another level. It’s amazing to see the amount of young people who have remained involved in this event, practically growing up during the years. There is also a powerful anointing and the presence of God can be felt through the various dance sets. Dance as David Danced continues to be one of the better established, top events on the YFC calendar.

Winner's Row

Winner’s Row was launched in 2016. Our youths are under attack, and who knows it better than they do. This interactive seminar is in direct response to their search for answers to the question, How do I overcome? The major aim of the seminar is to help youths overcome in every area of their lives and to live in victory. Coming out of this interactive experience young people would now be equipped with tools to not only develop themselves but other youths as well, to live a victorious life. Our very first seminar, ‘Defeating the three P’s - Pornography, Prayerlessness and Powerlessness’ was a resounding success. Youths from all over the nation flooded the sanctuary as our major speakers had them on the edge of their seats, at times pensive, at times shaking with laughter, but most importantly, so impacted that they immediately requested many more sessions at the end of the event.