GPS – Getting People Saved


GPS was lodged in the spirit of YFC Trinidad and Tobago National Director, Pastor Porter in the airport in St Vincent in 2014. The acronym means Getting People Saved. Luke 10:5, 8, and 9

This is a five step approach: - STEP 1 - Identifying your Target
  1. This can only be done through prayer. You need to hear from God. From time to time, Jesus took time out from the ministry and went to pray.

    Matthew 14:25 - “During the fourth watch of the night, Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.”

  2. Leading a soul to the Lord, can often be described as a miraculous work.
  3. Therefore, we must seek God’s face in prayer as to who we should target to bring us into a salvation experience.
STEP 2 - Pray Peace (Luke 10:5)

 “When you enter a house, first say Peace be to this house.”

  1. The first step is to continually pray the peace of Christ on the individual without him or her even realizing it.
  2. There will come a point where the prayer leads to visible change in the person’s attitude or behavior.
  3. This is a cue for the next step Luke 10:8a
STEP 3 - Fellowship (Luke 10:8a)

 “When you enter a tongue and are welcomed eat what is set before you.”

  1. At this stage you take time to fellowship with the individual.
  2. Chatting and sharing something to eat or drink is a good way.
  3. This might go on for a day or two or even longer.
  4. It breaks down barriers as confidence is established.
STEP 4 – Meet a Felt Need (Luke 10:9a)

 “Heal the sick who are there.”

  1. Here Jesus, by so doing met a felt need.
  2. At this the third step God will provide you an opportunity to meet a special need, a felt need in the person’s life; take the opportunity.
  3. Once you have met this special need, the door is opened for the fourth step.
STEP 5 - Tell Them About Jesus (Luke 10:9b)

 “And tell them the kingdom of God is near you.”

  1. Tell them the Jesus story. Tell them of his coming to earth, his suffering and death for our sins. And as a result he paid a price for us that set us free from all sins.
  2. Invite them to have a Romans 10:9 experience ‘Confess with their mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in their heart that God raised him from the dead.’
  3. Have them know that once they do this, they will be saved.
  4. Let them know that it is important that they get into a bible believing church.
  5. There they should attend converts class before getting baptized.
  6. They need to get baptized. Mark 16;16 says- ‘He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved’.


Our concern is not only about sharing strategies to get persons into the church, but also strategies to keep them in the church. The numbers of souls won annually are almost the same number that leave through the ‘back door’ each year. Hence our serious investment in children evangelism via our Soldiers for Jesus Program?


This is designed to be the spawning ground of tomorrow's evangelist. We cater for ages 8 - 12. Training is high on our agenda. No soldier can be prepared for the task at hand without adequate training. Therefore over the last couple of years, we have arranged training sessions in both Trinidad and Tobago to train our Junior army to go out and quietly work on getting their friends to give their lives to Jesus.


It is our strong view that in the church, we do not sufficiently tap in to the desire of our young people to get involved in action type activities at this stage of their life. We believe that evangelism, offers this opportunity and the YFC Soldiers for Jesus program is designed to achieve this goal.


There are five strategies we pursue in encouraging evangelism in the church. These include:
  • Prayer to prepare the way.
  • Presence evangelism. Have an ongoing one and one in the community as with the early church.
  • Proclamation Evangelism, getting out there and inviting people to church.
  • Persuasion Evangelism. Training people to share their faith.
  • Progressive Evangelism, which includes DISCIPLESHIP.